Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4

January 4, 1875: The new City Hall is opened to the public, enabling city government to move out of the courthouse. Construction cost totaled $337,000. After 100 years in service, this city hall would become the "Old City Hall" when the "old" Rochester Federal Building was refurbished and rededicated as the "New City Hall" in 1978.

Sources and Further Reading:
  1. Rochester History, vol 40 (1978)

January 4, 1838: The Rochester Anti-Slavery Society elects the following officers:

President - Lindley M. Moore
Vice Presidents - George Avery, Silas Cornell, Russell Greene, O. N. Bush, David Scoville
Treasurer - Oren Sage
Corresponding Secretary - S. D. Porter
Recording Secretary - E. F. Marshal

A week later, a convention was held at the Rochester Courthouse.  Moore and Scoville were also officers in the Rochester City Temperance Society.

Sources and Further Reading:
  1. O'Reilly, Henry, "Settlement in the West: Sketches of Rochester",  p 316 (1838)
  2. Lindley M. Moore House, Rochester New York

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