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List of U.S. Presidents to Visit Rochester

List of U.S. Presidents to Visit Rochester, N.Y.

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Visits of sitting presidents:

February 18, 1861: President Abraham Lincoln (16) stops to make a speech in Rochester during his inaugural train trip to Washington, D.C. [1], [2]

May 30, 1892: President Benjamin Harrison (23), New York Governor Roswell Flower, and Frederick Douglas give speeches at the dedication of the Soldiers' Monument commemorating civil war veterans in Washington Park, accompanied by a parade of 10,000 people.  The monument includes bronze statues of infantry, cavalry, marine, and artillery soldiers with a central figure of Abraham Lincoln. [9]

October 17, 1936: Franklin D. Roosevelt (32) addresses Rochester area citizens. It was raining. [14] 

May 2, 1940: Franklin D. Roosevelt (32) returns to Rochester.  It rained again. [15]

October 8, 1948: Harry S. Truman (33) visits Rochester. [16]

October 15, 1964: Lyndon B. Johnson (36) attends a political rally in Rochester. [ 17]

June 18, 1971: Richard Nixon (37) discusses taxes, Vietnam, drugs, and race relations in Rochester. [18]

October 31, 1977: Gerald Ford (38) visits Rochester. [19]

October 29, 1980: Jimmy Carter (39) attends a political rally in Rochester. [20]

November 1, 1984: Ronald Regan (40) attends a political rally in Rochester. [21]

May 18, 1989: President George H. W. Bush (41) addresses local teachers at the Wilson Magnet High School and business leaders at Kodak on the issue of education. [10], [11], [12]

May 24, 2005:  President George W. Bush (43) talks about social security in Greece, N,Y. [13]

March 14, 2006: President George W. Bush (43) again visits Rochester, meets local autistic basketball hero Jason McElwain and gives a speech at Canandaigua High School. [7], [8]

August 22, 2013: President Barack Obama (44) stops for lunch in Rochester on Park Avenue while on a bus tour traveling between Buffalo and Syracuse.

Visits of presidents prior or subsequent to holding office:

November 1, 1960: A week before the election, Vice President Richard Nixon delivers a speech at the Rochester War Memorial Auditorium during his unsuccessful first campaign for the Presidency against John F. Kennedy.  [3]

October 20, 2011: Former President Bill Clinton gives a speech at the University of Rochester Meliora Weekend. [4],[5]

October 19, 2012: Former President Bill Clinton returns to Rochester to attend a political rally at the Riverside Convention Center. [6]


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August 14

August 14, 1884: The body of Lt. Kislingbury, second in command of the Greely Artic Expedition is exhumed from Mount Hope Cemetery to investigate allegations of cannibalism. Kislingbury had been laid in state at Rochester City Hall four days earlier. Inspection of the body revealed that flesh had been stripped from the bone, confirming the rumors.

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August 10

August 10, 1889: The westbound Thousand Island Fast Express train on the Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg Railroad (╩║Hojack╩║ line) collides with a stopped morning commuter train at the Forest Lawn station in Webster, killing two and injuring nine of the passengers and crew.

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August 6

August 6, 1975: The Town Affiliation Association begins its three day conference celebrating Rochester's 18 year relation with our six sister cities.  Foreign delegations from 17 nations including all of the sister cities attend. During the conference, a dedication ceremony is held for the Sister Cities Bridge pedestrian walkway across the Genesee River by High Falls.

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July 19

July 19,1878: The National Woman Suffrage Association holds its convention in Rochester, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Seneca Falls convention.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6

May 6, 1894: In an attempt to prevent the spread of tuberculosis and other diseases, the North Presbyterian church become the first to adopt the use of individual communion cups. The practice soon caught on in other parts of the country.

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March 13

March 13, 1906: Susan B. Anthony died in her home on Madison St. at the age of 86.  She is buried at Mount hope Cemetery. It would be 14 more years before the 14th amendment to the Constitution was ratified, preventing any citizen, regardless of sex, from being denied the right to vote.

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