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1887 Ads from the Rochester Directory

A Collection of Ads in 19th Century Rochester

Ice Companies - fresh from the Genesee River...

 The ice may not be very good below the falls, but it's a great place for picnics and bowling...
The Glen House was another popular destination along the river.

 Reduced Priced Arms and Legs above the Reynolds Arcade...

After the civil war, while J.J. Bausch was building his new business with his partner Henry Lomb, first Bausch and Lomb, Opticians and by 1866 renamed the Vulcanite Optical Instrument Company - he sold his retail shop at Reynold Arcade to his little brother E.E. Baucsh who partnered whith Thomas Drainsfield.

Henry Strong was always on the lookout for the next great invention, first investing in E. F. Whoodbury's new buggy whip handle prior to helping young George Eastman launch his Dry Plate photography company in 1881.

John G. and Elizabeth Zweigle had been operating a sausage manufacturing business on Front Street since at least 1867.  Carl Wilhelm and Josehpine Zweigle's butcher shop on Joseph Avenue is credited as the founder of the current Zweigle's Sausage Company and was opened in 1880 - although no such buthcher appears in this 1887 directory.

Rochester offered a wide Selection of Lager Beer...
Becker Lager Beer 

Bartholomay Brewing 

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